Men's Kempt Kit

Men's Kempt Kit


KEMPT - /kɛm(p)t
A Well Maintained Man Who Keeps Clean, Stays Neat and Is Well Cared For, By Himself.

This men's skincare kit is the ultimate natural face kit perfect for all skin types and at any stage of life. The products in this kit are designed to cleanse, scrub, tone and hydrate your face leaving your skin feeling and looking amazing.

Our men's skincare kit is made with natural ingredients, free from all Parabens and nasties and sourced locally from cruelty-free suppliers.

1. Cleanse

Finish your day and kickstart your skincare routine with our purifying, two-in-one cleanser and scrub to be used nightly in the shower.

2. Tone

Take control of your skins ph. levels and shrink unclogged pores with a couple squirts for a tighter looking complexion. 

3. Protect

Protection and prevention go hand in hand for longevity. Go about your day knowing your already a step ahead.

4. Revive

Imagine jumping in a pool after weeks in the desert... This is what we imagine your skin feels like after a quick roll.

Face Cleanser For Men

Cleanse, scrubs and unclogs pores

Two-in-one men's face cleanser and scrub brewed with activated coconut charcoal and a botanical blend of fruit extracts. Designed to dissolve and remove acne and blackheads, shed and scrub dead skin cells, unclog pores and wash away the days grime for a refreshed clean face. Learn more about our Face Cleanser for men.

Tight, toned and refreshing

Make this natural men’s face toner an essential part in your skincare routine, especially post cleansing your face with our Canvas Cleanser. Our Alpha Toner contains five botanical alpha hydroxy acids which will help restore clarity, remove excess oils and balance the skin's ph. levels. Learn more about our Alpha Face Toner for men.

Face Toner Mens Skincare
Men's Face Moisturiser

Protect, cool and soothes

This deeply replenishing, fast absorbing & shine free men's moisturiser cream contains a high concentration of extracts & oils akin to the skin's lipids. Our proprietary blend of extracts have been shown to promote collagen production & reduce the signs of premature aging. Learn more about our Daily Face Moisturiser for men.

Revitalise, repair and relive

This men's natural face oil is a 100% active oil formulated to have multi-correctional activity, penetration and nourishment. Super rich the world most nutrient plants, botanicals and essential oils designed to help boost collagen and circulation for improved skin tone, elasticity, balance and texture. Learn more about our Youthful Face Oil for men.

Youthful anti ageing face oil for men

Naturally formulated. Bottled to an art.

We’ve bottled this men's skincare kit down to a fine art because your face is the canvas that needs to shine. We balance only the finest extracts and oils to deliver the optimal dose of results without fuss. We’re committed to better practices that don’t compromise on the highest standards.

Plant Based

PEG Free

Cruelty Free


Gluten Free

Silicon Free

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free

Nut Free


Palm Oil Free

Australian Made

What the gents are saying

We know our skincare works wonders, we've broken down every ingredient to ensure it has a proven track record for success, longevity and safety. But don't just take our word for it, trust your fellow men and women using our skincare and what they have to say.

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