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Alpha Hydroxy Toner

For a super impressive skin complexion.

Make this natural men’s face toner an essential part in your skincare routine, especially post cleansing your face with our Canvas Cleanser. Our Alpha Toner contains five botanical alpha hydroxy acids which will help restore clarity, remove excess oils and balance the skin's ph levels.

Packed full of benefits and extracts powerful enough to bring you to a solid 10/10!

100% palm oil free
Made in Australia
Fragrance free
Australian made with botanical actives and 100% palm oil free

Uplifting and fully refreshed

Boasts five alpha hydroxy acid extracts from botanical plant sources which promote an increased cell renewal rate and gently stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and leave your face feeling bright and fresh.

This toner is awesome and smells great. I actually look forwarding to using it in the morning.
Great products and easy to keep a daily routine up as it takes very little time out of your day. My face has a glow with it now and my skin feels soft and a lot firmer and at 60 thats a bonus 😜 Thankyou Chris for a great skincare product and I'd highly recommend to everyone 😊

Andrew Grundy

Great men’s skincare products, really fast delivery and noticeable difference in skin after 1 week using the Kempt kit daily.

Jason Clifford

Been using this for a couple of weeks now, I've had compliments from my partner and friends about how noticeably different my skin is.

Samuel Snowdon

I bought this as a gift for my son and I can already see the difference in his skin, he just loves using this product!
I have been using this for 12 months and have noticed a huge difference in my complexion and skin health.

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Easily integrated into your daily routine

Following on from your freshly cleansed face, spay the toner all over your face (with your eyes closed) to balance your skins PH levels and to help close and reduce the size of your pores for a firmer, smoother face. Leave on and follow with moisturiser.