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Breaking down the barriers for men who take care of their skin. Join our handsome gents putting their best face forward with our range of natural skincare.

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Skincare Tip #1


The innermost layer of the skin, the dermis, is a water reservoir that provides turgidity and allows metabolic exchanges. When not properly hydrated

Skincare Tip #2


With all the products we put on our face we also need to pay as much or more attention to what we shove in our faces (mouth).

Skincare Tip #3

Face & Hands

Your hands contain a lot of bacteria, grime and god knows what else. Touching your face excessively is just asking for clogged pores.

Skincare Tip #4

Bed Linen

If you don’t clean your sheets often enough, all the bacteria they amass can disturb your skin’s ecology This makes washing your sheets and further bedding important. 

Skincare Tip #5

Cold Showers

It may not be the funniest part of your skin care regime, but it's the most natural. Tightens your pores to helps fight dirt from getting back in.

Skincare Tip #6

Consistent Routine

Consistency is key. Use all products daily for at least two weeks to start seeing consistent and noticeable changes in your skins appearance and health.

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Our Men's Skincare Range

Our men's natural skincare range is focused on helping men put their best face forward, have more confidence in their smile and take care of their skin for long term anti-aging and youthful appearance.

Men's Kempt Kit
Men's Kempt Kit

Men's Kempt Kit


The Gents Set
The Gents Set

The Gents Set


Face Cleanser & Scrub
Face Cleanser & Scrub

Face Cleanser & Scrub


Daily Moisturiser
Daily Moisturiser

Daily Moisturiser


Youthful Face Oil
Men's Face Oil By Anoque

Youthful Face Oil


Alpha Hydroxy Toner
Men's Face Toner By Anoque

Alpha Hydroxy Toner


Chris Baradel Using Anoque Mens Skincare

A Purpose, With Every Product

Our brand, ANOQUE. Is more than just the men's natural skincare products we sell!

Our why, how and what separates us from the pack. Together, we can all make small positive changes in our day to day life produce monumental changes for better!

Behind the brand..


Our men's skincare range reviewed by Australian men to ensure you get the best and realist feedback.


I use the canvas face cleanser basically daily and it's a great way to start the day feeling fresh and clean. The entire kit is full of things to help boost your skin and keep you looking healthy as hell. You'll see significant improvement in your skin's feeling after just a couple of uses, and I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon. Would definitely recommend and it makes a great gift too!


So happy to have found a brand that cares about our environment and animals as much as I do. Anoque keeps my skin looking and feeling amazing


Start your day with a good scrubbing. Bamboo and Charcoal get in there, nice and deep to unclog block pores and remove blackheads helping your skins natural oils flow. 


Post gym scrub down.


Afternoon face scrub take care of with Anoque natural range of simple skin care that works a treat.


Can't beat waking up and starting my day with a refreshed clean face.

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Breaking down the barriers to men's skincare with a range effective in reducing blackheads, acne and blemishes contributing to longevity and healthy skin.

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