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Eye-Catching Cream

Eye-Catching Cream


Men's under-eye night cream

For when dark circles are no longer wanted we'll help you take your night routine to the next level with this ultra-hydrating under-eye cream. We designed this rich eye cream to focus on and combat dark circles and pigment variation around your eyes bringing back that youthful, fresh glow.

Your eyes are sensitive and delicate so left out all fragrances, it will have your skin feeling hydrated for hours on end with no sticky residue or shine.

Palm Oil Free

Cruelty Free

PEG Free

Silicon Free

Australian Made


Paraben Free


Brightens the dark circles

Hyper focused and quick absorbing, this buttery cream will melt into your skin like falling rain water on a dry desert ground. This new favourite goes above and beyond giving life and drawing attention back to your eyes. Rich in natural oils, plants and butters to give all the hydration without the heaviness.  

Formulated for purpose

"We formulated this eye cream from scratch." Researching and understanding each ingredient, its benefits and how each of them work together to ensure we've delivered, yet another industry leading product. We take pride in our formulations and this eye cream is created palm oil free products with the highest grade raw materials, free from all synthetic parabens, pegs, synthetic preservatives

Uncomplicated and
simple to use

Designed to take care of business, Use this multi acting cleanser and scrub at the end of each day. Gently massage on your face and behind ears, leave on for 60 seconds of extra exfoliation and wash thoroughly with warm water.

"Every other face scrub I have used has either left my skin dry or was too abrasive. This stuff is the bomb, better skin from the first time I used it. If you haven’t tried it yet then your skin is missing out, get on board!"


Filled with
natural goodness

Boasts five alpha hydroxy acid extracts from botanical plant sources which promote increased cell renewal and gently stimulates the skin to produce more collagen.

Bilberry Fruit

Ads strength and calming properties helping to reduce the signs of redness in the skin.

Activated Charcoal

Draws out toxins, blackheads and acne to help remove build up of dead skin cells.

Lemon Extract

Helps promote increased cell renewal and stimulates the skin to produce more collagen.


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