It started with me...

Like many teenage men, I had bad skin. Oily. Acne-ridden. Full of blackheads and confidence game was, not-so-strong. 

The first battle was in the mirror, squeezing pimples and blind spots. But the tougher battle was the one that followed – constant dryness, itchiness and irritation that came from the harsh chemicals that were supposed to help. It was a nasty cycle that left me confused about what I should do next.

Craving the perfect solution. 

I never planned to start a brand. I only wanted to find solutions. I was craving skincare that was simple and pure, and I didn't see the products I needed. What began as a regime I created for myself, grew to be something effective for others. I sought natural products to combat acne and reduce blemishes. A holistic approach that was gentle enough to soothe, and strong enough to work. 

I wanted the right combination of active-ingredients to reduce the signs of ageing. Matched with production that never compromised on ethics or effectiveness.

Anoque: A Constant Evolution. 

Nailing the essentials of men’s skincare has been our mission since 2016 and we’re committed to improving our formulas with every batch we make by listening to our customers, and sourcing industry leading plant based ingredients.

We’re on this journey together and we are always keen to hear your thoughts. It’s time to be comfortable in your skin – the natural way. 

– Chris Baradel

January 2016

How it all began...

Started early 2016 as a simple project to find a skincare solution that was simple use to, effective and with no harsh chemicals. 

September 2016

Ready, set, launch

Fast forward 6-8 month, we introduced our first, and Australia first palm oil free men's skincare to the market.

July 2020

Compostable packaging

As we continue to grow and develop into a more sustainable brand, we now send 95% of our packages in compostable mailing bags.